4th Annual Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress – Sydney

Join Arthur Papagiannis, Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services, at the 4th Annual Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress in Sydney.

Arthur will be presenting a 1-Day Interactive Post-Conference Workshop on the 25th May 2017.

This workshop will cover everything you need to know to ensure your workplace is a healthy workplace.

Workshop Title: Managing Mental Health & Psychological Injury in the Workplace – Strategies & Solutions for Leaders

Learning Outcomes

Participants attending the 1-Day Interactive Workshop will come away from the day able to:

Understand the complexities of common mental health conditions and their impact on performance
Develop confidence in the key principles and planning required to intervene and support employees
Mitigate potentially devastating psychological injury claims through early identification and prevention
Initiate performance conversations that acknowledge both parties’ rights and responsibilities, helping to contribute to successful outcomes
Navigate the often blurry lines of duty of care
Understand the OHS and anti-discrimination requirements
Identify psychosocial risk barriers in the workplace
Implement better policies and procedures regarding early intervention
Handle return-to-work challenges
Foster or improve early intervention programs that yield maximum return on investment
Show greater empathy and understanding communicating about mental health issues
Understand the legal requirements and implications in not providing a safe workplace

How do I register?

For more information, or to secure your place at the 1-Day Interactive Workshop, register at http://www.intrepidminds.com.au/psychological-injury-management-workplace-congress/


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