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Who developed the programs?

All modules have been written and developed by a number of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists, some of whom are considered specialists in the subject matter of their module(s). The content matter of a module often undergoes peer review as a means of quality assurance.

What approaches do the programs adopt?

All of the modules take a CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) approach. This means that the resources provided in your module will focus on the modification of cognitions, assumptions, beliefs, and behaviours that may have a negative impact on your daily functioning and wellbeing. It is anticipated that this type of therapy will teach you the skills to recognise destructive beliefs and behaviours and, over time, replace them with more constructive ones.

Aim of the programs

The programs are not intended as a total replacement of personal contact with a suitably trained professional. It is expected that the programs are used as one of the tools available to you in the hope that it enhances total healthcare delivery.

How long have they been in use?

The development for each of the programs has been a continuous process which started in 2000. Two of the modules have been used for research purposes, which has provided valuable feedback on the success of the programs in question, as well as some areas for improvement.

Online Programs

The Online Programs are a web-based educational system that helps people understand their difficulties and develop strategies to better manage their situation.

The modules are designed to provide educational material in a corporate context. The subject matter is centred on issues that are frequently encountered in the workplace, although they can be utilised to benefit other areas of your life.The modules are provided over a short time period, which makes them attractive in a working environment. These modules are presented over a 4 week period but the account can be accessed for up to 8 weeks for revision purposes.

What do the programs offer?

The programs provide you with the knowledge, skills and strategies that are effective in managing or improving your particular situation. Each program includes:

  • Education about the important factors involved in the development and maintenance of your situation
  • Skills and strategies to assist you to overcome your difficulties and improve your quality of life
  • Ways to integrate skills into everyday life in order to enhance well-being and bring about positive behavioural change
  • Monitoring measures to ensure you are aware of how you are progressing through the module.

Each program delivers a combination of the following resources:

Sessions – Sessions provide information to you about your situation, looking at why you are experiencing difficulties, how they developed, consequences, and strategies for management. They become available on a scheduled timetable, so you can use the information in a gradual manner to enable you to apply what you have learnt in your life. All Sessions from previous weeks are available at all times throughout your module for revision purposes. Some sessions are called CBT Sessions as these are heavily focused on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Questionnaires – Questionnaires are used to trace your progress throughout the program by asking you about your experiences throughout the previous week. The questionnaires are the only resource that is presented on a strict time frame. A missed Questionnaire does not affect your access to other functions in your account. You will be notified by email when Questionnaires are available to you.

Worksheets and exercises – Worksheets give you the opportunity to practice what you learn from your Session material, by applying it to your personal situation.

Suggested Readings – These are texts offered to you informing you of different components of your situation. They generate a library of information, additional to that presented in your sessions. This wealth of information can be explored at a time that suits the user or as different situations or questions arise.

Program Overview – These provide an introductory summary of what the module is about and what to expect in each session of the program. Program overviews are only available for the second series of modules as outlined above.

Medication Information – Provides specific information about the medication you may be taking as part of your treatment for your situation, including possible side effects and when to consult your health professional.

Treatment Information – This section provides you with information that will enable you to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment, especially the importance of seeking help if needed.

Treatments & Strategies – This information deals with different treatment methods and therapies commonly used for your specific situation. Information includes definitions, use and success of each approach.





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