AP Case Study 3 – Specialist Workplace Coaching


A leading government organisation.


Senior Management were alerted to inappropriate displays of aggressive behaviour by a middle level manager towards staff.

  • The employee lacked insight into his behaviour and its impact on other employees
  • Management had previously sent the manager on a leadership development program, they saw an improvement in key performance targets but behaviour did not improve.
  • Increase in absenteeism by his team and one resignation
  • Issues of his behaviour had not been formally addressed in the past
  • HR and Management were finding it difficult and unsure of how to best address the matter.


AP Psychology & Consulting Services was appointed to develop a specialised program aimed at addressing the key challenges highlighted:

  • HR and Senior Management were formally briefed by our senior consulting team.
  • A formal specialist coaching program was developed with a tailored treatment plan aimed at addressing the key areas highlighted as being problematic.
  • All parties, including the management, signed off on the specialist treatment plan.
  • A consultant specialising in behaviour management was appointed and 8 individual coaching sessions completed over a 3 month period.
  • A separate consultant was appointed to support senior management and HR in managing the presenting issues as well as to support the broader team that was being impacted.
  • At the completion of the specialist workplace coaching a review took place between management, HR and the participant.
  • Recommendations were outlined by the consultant


  • The participant successfully completed the 8 coaching sessions with significant change in behaviour and insight development.
  • The participant developed new skills and behaviours which were more professional, functional and appropriate
  • HR and Senior Management developed strategies to support the participant and the broader team that was being impacted
  • Absenteeism reduced and team became more functional
  • A huge cost saving to the business with a successful outcome


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