Workplace Mental Health Seminar March 2012


21st March, Sydney | 23rd March, Melbourne | 26th March, Brisbane

$300 training discount for AP Psychology and Consulting clients and subscribers.

How much is workplace psychological injury costing your organisation?

Did you know Australian organisations lose over $6.5 billion annually simply because they do not implement proper early intervention and management programs?

Or that the average worker experiencing mental health issues costs their employer over $9,000 a year in lost productivity?

Training in mental health injury prevention and management is this best way to tackle this ‘quiet epidemic’.

Telesis Events’ “Mental Health and Psychological Injury in the Workplace” event is an interactive 1-day seminar addressing mental health issues by working through increasingly complex psychological injury scenarios, with a focus on prevention, practical injury management tools and return to work strategies.

For existing clients and contacts of AP Psychology and Consulting Telesis Events are offering this interactive one-day intensive for $999 – that’s a $300 discount off the standard price.

21 March, Sydney | 23 March, Melbourne | 26 March, Brisbane

This an interactive classroom environment so seats are limited and filling:

To register for the discount, call 02 8006 1022.

Or fill out an online registration form and fill out the $999 best dressed special here.

Participants will come away from this intensive seminar able to:

• UNDERSTAND the complexities of common mental health conditions and their impact on performance.

• MANAGE the practicalities of psychological injury claims.

• MITIGATE potentially devastating psychological injury claims through hazard identification.

• ADDRESS the OHS Act requirements in workplace in policy and procedure.

• UNDERSTAND legal OHS and anti-Discrimination requirements.

• AUDIT and identify psychosocial hazards in the workplace

• IMPLEMENT better policies and procedures regarding early intervention.

The dynamic classroom is also a great way to network and benchmark with other organisations.


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