Workplace Mental Health Videos and Tip Sheets

With Mental Health Week just around the corner, it’s timely to remind ourselves of the role we can play in protecting and enhancing the mental health at work. In any given year, one in five Australians is likely to be effected by mental illness in the next 12 months, and almost half of us will experience some sort of mental illness during our working life. The cost of mental illness to Australian’s businesses is staggering, with nearly $11 billion lost each year in absenteeism, lost productivity and worker compensation claims.

Raising awareness of mental health conditions, talking openly about mental health and making mental health information freely available at work is a great way to reduce stigma, and encourage early help seeking. Did we also mention that it increases productivity? That’s right, research has demonstrated that businesses that invest in targeted mental health initiatives can expect a return on investment of at least $2.30 for each dollar spent (Beyondblue & PWC, 2014)!

To help you achieve these results, we’ve developed a suite of high impact mental health and wellbeing videos and tip sheets.

Based on the latest evidence-based research, the videos and tip sheets are:

  • company branded
  • tailored to two key audiences (managers and employees)
  • incorporate your organisation’s specific contact details, such as Employee Assistance Programs and Human Resources

Check out our short introductory video that showcases the videos and tip sheets:



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