Developing a Mental Health Strategy for your Organisation

Developing a Mental Health Strategy for your Organisation

Interactive 1 Day Workshop

Melbourne CBD Location

26th August 2015

About the Workshop

AP Psychology & Consulting Services are able to support Human Resource professionals and business leaders to develop a strategy to address effective management of Mental Health in the Workplace. Proactively addressing mental health issues in the workplace makes both good business and people sense. Mental health issues can prove very costly to organisations – both in terms of the impact on individual’s wellbeing and safety, financial loss through absenteeism and lost productivity, workcover claims, as well damage to the employer brand.

  • 1 in 5 Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition
  • Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces 10.9 billion per year (Beyondblue 2014).
  • For every $1 a business invests in creating a mentally healthy workplace there is a return on investment of $2.30 (PwC, Beyondblue, 2014).
  • An effective strategy focussed on the best way to address mental health in your workplace can allow your organisation to be at the forefront when dealing with these issues and risks, as well as demonstrate a positive culture that both recognises the extent of mental health issues and supports the ongoing wellbeing of its people.

What you will come away with:

  • Supporting your organisation to create a robust business case that strengthens the investment in proactively managing mental health in the workplace
  • Understanding the key HR data, risks and business metrics that underpin and measure the ongoing investment in workplace mental health programs
  • How to develop a mental health strategy that is aligned to your unique business priorities and values
  • An Assessment of current strategies against a best practice model to provide focus for priority activities
  • A step by step process to develop a robust Workplace Mental Health strategy

Benefits to You:

  • Create a workplace mental health strategy that is aligned to your business and focuses on managing key risks to individuals and the business
  • Ensure your strategy is based on an evidence based approach to effectively managing workplace mental health
  • Ensure your workplace mental health interventions are underpinned and driven by a well-considered and researched business case and strategy.
  • Set up processes to track and measure success of your mental health interventions

About your Facilitator

Arthur Papagiannis is the founder and Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services. Arthur is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in developing psychological workplace solutions for organisations. Throughout his career, Arthur has been recognised as an industry leader in workplace mental health.

Arthur has built a reputation with both government and private organisations, for developing high level policy, strategy and service delivery in improving organisational performance and psychological wellbeing. Arthur has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of staff, executive leadership, employee development, psychological programs and broader business strategy solutions.

Drawing from his experience, knowledge and research, Arthur has written the White Paper ‘The Cost of Psychological Wellbeing in the Workplace’, which addresses how implementing a psychological wellbeing strategy in your organisation can significantly contribute to successful outcomes leading to a reduction of claims, reliance reduction on income support and industrial disputes saving adverse impacts on mental health.

As Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services, Arthur is committed to being the market leader in workplace mental health, by developing wellbeing workplace solutions that are leading edge, evidence based, innovative, responsive and underpinned by best practice principles.

How do I register?

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