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Occasionally you may encounter problems whilst using the system. While the support team are always willing to help you when you encounter these issues, you may find these answers useful for your particular issue. This section is specific to those people enrolled in a HealthSteps module, or for those considering enrolment.

  • How can I enrol into a program?

    There is two ways in which you can enrol in a HealthSteps program.

    1. Employer referral: If your Employer is registered to use HealthSteps, speak to them about the registration process.
    2. Self referred: By following the steps on this website you can select which module you would like to undertake and enter your details to enrol. During the enrolment process you also have the option of linking a Provider to your account.
  • How do I pay?

    Payments can be made online using your credit card or is pre paid by your employer and access has been granted to you. Please check the availability of this payment option with your employer.

  • Is there any other payment arrangement?

    You may have been referred to this website through an Organisational Consultant or through your employer. If this is the case, your module may be subsidised by your employer. Check to confirm whether this is the case for you.

  • Where do my login details come from?

    Login details are sent to an enrolled or registered person via an email to the nominated account specified on the enrolment/registration form.

  • Who will be able to view my information?

    Generally 3 parties can access to your information.

    1. You, and/or anyone that has approved access to your account to act on your behalf (for example, a carer).
    2. Any linked Provider(s) to your account. The level of their access depends on your personal Privacy settings.
    3. System administrators. Restricted personnel have access to your details to enable management of the system and the provision of support when requested. We respect the Privacy of our clients at all times and are bound by Confidentiality Agreements. At no time will we release identifying information to any other party without your written permission.
  • How do I change my password?

    From the Home Page, select Change Password from the left hand menu. Enter details as requested and click on Change Password.

  • How do I update my personal details?

    By clicking on Personal Details from your Home Page, you are presented with your current details. Clicking on Update Personal Details on this page will enable you to make changes to these details. Select Update to save the changes or Reset to revert back to the previously saved details.

  • What is a Progress Chart?

    When you log into your program, you are presented with questionnaires as they fall due. The number of questionnaires you are required to complete depends on the module you have enrolled into. Progress Charts display your results for each of the different questionnaires, over the weeks that you have completed them. Your results are presented in a tabular and graphical manner, and are accompanied with brief explanations.

  • What is a reminder?

    A reminder is an email informing you of various timelines for your sessions. These emails will inform you that:

    • Your session is about to open
    • Your session is open and available to you
    • Your session has been open but you have not yet completed it
    • Your session has closed

    You can opt to turn these reminders off by selecting Reminders in the left hand menu of your Home Page, and switching each to the OFF option. Changes must be submitted to be saved. If applicable to your module, you may also receive reminders about your medication. This reminder can also be switched OFF from this page.

  • What is an e-Consult?

    An e-consult is correspondence between you and your Provider sent via email. It is important that the use of e-consults be discussed with the nominated Provider so that there is clear understanding of how these consults are to be used. To send an e-consult to your Provider, select e-consult Request from the left hand menu on your Home Page. Select the Provider; enter your enquiry; categorise the topic using the dropdown menu; add any attachments if required; and, send by clicking on the Submit button. Responses and timeframes depends entirely upon your Provider. You can read previous e-consults by clicking on Previous e-consult from the menu.

  • What is the Diary Notes function for?

    This function allows you to enter notes relating to your health and wellbeing. This information could include details about significant events or relationships in your personal or work life.

    Diary notes make a good reference when looking back on your progress throughout the program, especially if your notes relate to the material presented in the Sessions. If you would prefer to keep these details to yourself, your personal Privacy Settings can be altered to restrict your Provider’s access to this feature. Alternatively, you can cut and paste your worksheets into the diary notes section. In this case, you may like to give your Provider access to this feature as they may be able to provide some feedback.

  • What if I don’t want my Provider to have access to some of my information?

    You can use the privacy control function of HealthSteps to limit your clinician’s access to the various components of your HealthSteps program. For example, some people enrol in HealthSteps as a result of their Provider’s referral to the program, however they choose not to give their Provider access to their information. Other people may choose to only give their Provider access to their progress graph or summary report.

  • How do I alter my personal Privacy Settings?

    After logging in, your Home Page should appear. From this page, or any subsequent page, you can select Privacy from the left hand menu. Your Provider will have access to all listed features on this page that are highlighted in blue. To remove a feature from your Provider’s access, simply hold down the Ctrl key of your keyboard and click on the specific feature. You can use the same method to add a feature. When you are happy with your settings, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The Reset button will go back to previously saved settings if you have made changes, but have not yet submitted them.

  • How do I change my medication details?

    This function is available only to those enrolled in clinical modules. By clicking on Medications in your Home Page menu, you are able to add, change or cancel your recorded medications. You can also do this when you log in by answering No when asked to confirm your current medication record. These records should always reflect what your psychiatrist or general practitioner has prescribed for you.

  • How do I know when my next session is available?

    When your next session is available, you will receive a notification by email on the Monday that it opens. If you have turned these reminders OFF, you will not receive these reminders. Alternatively, click here to determine the schedule of your specific module. Sessions are available for 5 days from Monday morning until Friday evening.

  • What if I miss a session?

    Sessions are made available to you on a scheduled basis, which can vary from weekly to monthly. Once available to you, session material is available over the life of the module. Questionnaires are the only resource that is restricted to the week in which it falls due. If you do not complete a questionnaire, your progress for that week will be missing from the Progress Chart. On the other hand, you can read and apply the information in your session at any time. However, we strongly recommend that sessions be completed when made available as the information is presented in such a way as to help you build gradual improvements.

  • When do I get emails?

    In most circumstances, you will receive an email from the HealthSteps team which relates to one of the following:

    • To notify you of a new session
    • To remind you complete a due session
    • To advise you that we have detected high symptom levels in your responses to progress monitoring
    • To notify you of a technical fault or a maintenance issue
    • In response to a query that you sent us
  • What if I decide I don’t want to continue HealthSteps

    We hope that you enjoy the experience and derive benefit from using HealthSteps; however, we understand that over time you may change your mind about continuing to use HealthSteps. If you wish to withdraw, simply send an email to advising us of your intent. We will process your withdrawal at the earliest opportunity. If you are planning to withdraw it is important that you are familiar with our Refund Policy outlined in the Terms and Conditions document.

  • What can I do if I have technically related questions or problems?

    Firstly, look at the Troubleshooting guide available on the HealthSteps login page. If this document does not deal with your particular issue, or does not resolve the issue, contact the support team at

  • Why can’t I access a Test User’s Progress Report?

    Either the Test User has not completed a session (ie has no questionnaire results to report), or their Privacy Settings disallow access to this feature.

  • Can the Administrators or Service Providers provide me with information about a User?

    At all times, HealthSteps respects the privacy of our Users and will not release any information about a User, or their HealthSteps program, without their permission. If a User has blocked your access to certain information, we recommend you discuss this with the User. Privacy Settings may have been applied mistakenly.

  • What happens when I Invite a Colleague?

    A Client can have many Providers at any one time. Providers have to register on the HealthSteps system to be linked with the Client(s). One such way for this to occur is for an existing registered Clinician to Invite a Colleague. Your colleague will be sent an email inviting them to register with HealthSteps. Upon registering, our system administrators confirm the identity of the colleague before sending your colleague their login details.

  • What should I do if I want my clinician to be involved in my HealthSteps program?

    It is great that you are thinking about involving your doctor or mental health clinician (e.g. your GP, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, mental health nurse, etc) in your HealthSteps program. The first step is to think about how you would like your clinician to be involved in your HealthSteps program. You have a choice of what information you allow your nominated clinician to access as well as the option of sending email enquiries to your designated clinician. Once you have an idea of how you would like your clinician to be involved, it is important to talk to them about the HealthSteps program and discuss whether they are interested to be nominated as a clinician in your program. If they are interested to be involved, they will need to be enrolled in the system

  • What should I do if I’m having problems with my medication?

    If you are having problems remembering to take your medication, the HealthSteps program has a ‘Reminders’ function that can be activated by clicking on it and requesting for email reminders.

    If you are having problems with regards to the dose or side effects of your medication, some of the HealthSteps programs have Suggested Readings on dealing with side effects of medication or suggestions on what you can do if your illness is not responding to your medication. It is very important to discuss any concerns you have about your medication with your doctor.

  • What do I do if I’m not feeling better and need extra help?

    The road to recovery is often not smooth and there are many ups and downs. If you find that you are having a bad day, many of the HealthSteps programs have Suggested Readings on dealing with bad days, which incorporate suggestions on how to manage a difficult patch. Furthermore, if you are finding that your illness is not responding to treatment, some of the HealthSteps programs have Suggested Readings on why your illness may not be responding to treatment and what other things could be going on. You may find that these Suggested Readings are sufficient to get you through some hard times.

    In some instances, you may find that the extra Readings are not helpful and you need more support. In such circumstances, it is best to contact your clinician or mental health professional to provide you with the extra support you need.

    In circumstances when you feel unsafe and there is a chance that you may hurt yourself or someone else, it is strongly recommended that you immediately make contact with an emergency service in your state. The emergency contact details for services in Australia are found by clicking on this link (make link to emergency page). If you live outside of Australia, the emergency numbers in your area can be found at the front of your phone book or you can go to the nearest hospital emergency department. The HealthSteps team is unfortunately not equipped to help in a crisis situation.


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