Managing Wellbeing in the Workplace

Managing Wellbeing in the Workplace

Supporting organisations and their people to develop awareness and an understanding of common mental health issues and their impacts in the workplace.

Encouraging and strengthening employee capabilities by providing education, development and support. Part of creating a healthy work environment is the development of a knowledgeable and supportive workplace that values a diverse workforce.

We do this by:

For Employee’s

  • Supporting organisations to identify and develop awareness of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Developing employee’s understanding of mental health and its impacts in the workplace
  • Helping employee’s build confidence and the skill set to approach and support colleagues they may be concerned about

For Managers

  • Developing skills to manage and support staff who may be experiencing mental health issues
  • Developing confidence in the key principles and planning required to intervene and support staff
  • Intervening early and developing ongoing management strategies for successful outcomes.

Programs include:

  • Strategic planning for a psychologically healthy workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
  • Mental Health- Management Awareness and Identifying Solutions
  • Individual Coaching
  • Building psychologically healthy teams

More Information

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