Mental Health Breakfast April 2013

AP Psychology & Consulting Services invites you to a Complimentary Breakfast Seminar

Working Towards a Psychologically Safer Workplace

Wednesday 17th April 2013

7am registration & breakfast I 7.30am start I 9.00am finish

RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Want to learn how to implement a framework for mental health and productivity in your workplace that follows best practice principles?

AP Psychology & Consulting Services invites you to a Breakfast Seminar – Working Towards a Psychologically Safer Workplace, held at the RACV Club, Melbourne.

With the stresses and strains placed on everyone in today’s working world, workplaces can look at how they might help promote and maintain mental health and wellbeing amongst their employees. With one person in five likely to be affected by mental illness and six million working days lost by Australian workplaces each year due to mental illness (ABS 2007), it makes sense for employers to implement a framework and programs that support and protect the mental health of their employees. Ultimately, these efforts sustain productivity and reduce costs.

“Research shows that Australian businesses lose over $6.5billion a year by failure to provide early intervention /treatment for employees with mental illness.

“Research by the national mental health charity, SANE Australia, found that a staggering 95 percent of respondents said employers and managers needed education on mental illness, and training on how to manage its effects in the workplace (SANE 2013).

“In 2011 Mental Health issues had overtaken physical injury as the cause for the longest absences from work (ABS, Social Trends 2011).”

contact-form-wrapReasons for implementing an organisational mental health framework and program

  • Implementation of early diagnosis and intervention programs can result in a five-fold return on investment as a result of increased employment and productivity in employer outcomes.
  • It reduces costs associated with worker absence from work and high work turnover.
  • Helps achieve greater staff loyalty and a higher training investment.
  • Minimises stress levels and improves staff morale.
  • Mental health issues can affect anybody
  • Because it is the law

contact-form-wrapWhy attend the breakfast seminar?

  • Learn the key stages of developing a framework for Mental Health and Productivity
  • Learn how to develop a program that will measure costs and benefits within your organisation as well as benchmark progress
  • Want to improve awareness of mental health issues and reduce stigma within your organisation

Who should attend?

Directors, General Managers, Managers & Leaders of:

  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Occupational Health & Safety

About the Speaker:

Arthur Papagiannis is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in developing psychological workplace solutions for organisations. His career spans over 14 years, having worked in executive, senior management, and direct service delivery across both private and public sectors. He has a strong background in staff management, executive leadership development, development of psychological workplace programs, training and broader business solutions. Roles include State Manager Clinical Services Justice Victoria, Manager Psychological Services EAP, Director EAP Services and MD AP Psychology & Consulting Services.

As the Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services, Arthur has established a niche offering by bringing the worlds of clinical and organisational psychology concepts together. AP Psychology & Consulting Services supports organisations in developing leading edge psychological workplace solutions with a strong evidence based framework underpinning each of its services.

How to Register

To register and for a more detailed overview of the agenda please complete the online PDF registration form attached below. For any further enquiries please contact 1300 335 336 or email at

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