Motivational Interactions

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Motivational Interactions (MI) is an evidence based practice that addresses motivational issues involved in gaining and maintaining better health, and return to employment for persons with injuries and disabilities.

MI  guides professionals in effectively engaging with their clients to uncover and strengthen their intrinsic motivation for change and action.

A significant body of empirical research has supported the linkage between effective engagement skills and rehabilitation outcomes that facilitate change, development and positive Return To Work (RTW) outcomes.

MI Training will support Case Managers to effectively facilitate successful RTW and health outcomes. By improving the relationship between Safety, RTW, Case Managers and Clients, you will be able to facilitate a better quality of life for your clients and increase the likelihood that they will engage in RTW. Subsequently, reducing the cost of long-term claims management.

We will partner with you to:

  • Develop a systematic planning process for assessing your needs
  • Develop a plan that includes commitment to the program
  • Define a structure with effective training, supervision, and evaluation

Program Delivery Strategy includes:

  • Senior Management strategic planning and organisational gap analysis
  • Program specific gap analysis by evaluating staff expectations and case studies to tailor MI to the context of your organisation
  • Delivery of a nationally recognised training program, with the flexibility of a 2 or 3 Day learning format. (See Training Program Schedule in attached brochure)
  • The provisions of follow-up coaching to ensure participants are monitored as they consolidate their skills
  • A structured assessment of participants competency (MI Screening Tool).

More Information

For more information on how AP Psychology & Consulting Services can partner with you to establish an MI Training Program for your business, please contact us on 1300 335 336 or contact us here.


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