Motivational Interactions Workshop

AP Psychology & Consulting Services in partnership with the Australian Rehabilitation Practitioners Association (ARPA) is pleased to announce the delivery of a 1 Day Motivational Interactions (MI) workshop in Sydney.

What is Motivational Interactions?

Motivational Interactions (MI) is an evidence-based practice that addresses motivational issues involved in gaining and maintaining better health, and return to employment for persons with injuries and disabilities MI guides professionals in effectively engaging with their clients to uncover and strengthen their intrinsic motivation for change and action. MI is widely recognised as an important engagement strategy for people working in a case management capacity – working with a range of injured clients/workers pertaining to resistance, ambivalence to change, motivation, development and return to work.

About the Workshop

The MI workshop will help you develop the necessary skills to effectively work with injured clients/workers presenting with a range of barriers relating to change, in order to better facilitate positive return to work and life outcomes.

By undertaking the workshop you will develop the necessary skills to be able to:

  • explore the ambivalence about your clients/workers ability
to change
  • examine the pros and cons about change
  • build confidence and the core communication skills necessary 
to work effectively with injured clients/workers
  • understand motivation and its key drivers
  • help promote client autonomy, engagement and choice

The workshop is specifically tailored to the needs of WRPs, with activities and case scenarios designed to promote knowledge and skill development, which is directly applicable to the roles of allied health practitioners.

 Locations and Dates

Sydney – 6th August 2019

Level 7, 233 Castlereagh St, Sydney

NSW 2000


To register or for further information please click on the link below:

For more information or to Register for this 1-day Introduction to MI Workshop, please visit: 


44 Garden St South Yarra, Victoria 3141

TEL: 1300 335 336

EMAIL: ABN: 12 698 548 016