National Psychology Week 6-12 November 2016




This week is National Psychology Week. An initiative of the Australian Psychological Society, National Psychology Week aims to increase public awareness as to how psychology can help and encourage people and communities alike to lead a healthier, happier and meaningful life. The target of this year’s campaign is promoting Ways to Thrive.

Although employers are increasingly recognising their obligation to safeguard the mental health of employees, in and of itself, this is not necessarily sufficient for thriving. Thriving is more than the absence of mental illness. It refers to the ability to grow and flourish, and an increasing body of evidence demonstrates that individuals that are flourishing function markedly better compared to those who are otherwise mentally healthy (Keyes, 2007).

So, how can we create an environment where employees can thrive at work?

Developed by Martin Seligman, the PERMA Model consists of five core components considered critical for psychological wellbeing and happiness. Seligman believes that through PERMA, people can reach the goal of life fulfilment, happiness and meaning.

Creating an environment where employees can thrive starts with an awareness and regular focus on the core components of PERMA. Keep referring back to the 5 elements of the model to help you apply it to your work and the work of your team.  Here are few basic ideas for implementing the PERMA model at work.

 Positive Emotion – the ability to focus on positive emotions, with an optimistic outlook and a positive perspective about the past, present and future. Within the workplace, seek out opportunities to recognise and reinforce positive emotions when they are displayed.

 Engagement – it is vital to be able to able to find activities that takes one’s full attention. In order to be able to learn, grow and nurture personal happiness, one must be engaged with life. Within the workplace, work with your staff to ensure that their work is fulfilling and enjoyable. This can be achieved through ensuring that they have an element of control over the demands placed on them, the way they plan and deliver their work, and that they have access to support when they need it.

 Relationships – one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life is their relationships and social connections. Through building a positive relationship with parents, siblings, friends and work colleagues, happiness can be achieved. Encouraging staff to build relationships and connections with colleagues in their immediate work area, as well as across other teams within the organisation.

 Meaning – Through having a purpose and meaning as to why one is on this earth is important in leading a happy and fulfilled life. Achieve this at work by regularly stating how each member contributes and plays a vital part in the success of the organisation.

 Accomplishments – A sense of accomplishment is gained by having goals and ambitions. Accomplishments are important to achieve in order to push oneself and to thrive. Work with your staff to set goals. Provide regular feedback and support. Acknowledge and celebrate the wins, big and small.


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