ArthurArthur Papagiannis – Founder and Managing Director

Arthur Papagiannis is the founder and Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services. Arthur has a strong management and psychological background, having worked with executive and senior management on high level policy, strategy and service delivery across both private and public sector industries. Arthur has extensive experience in management of staff, executive leadership development, organisational program development, training and broader business strategy solutions.

Arthur’s career in field spans over 12 years and has been the State Manager Clinical Services for Justice Victoria and successfully took on a General Manager role of operations. With a strong understanding of both clinical and high level operational requirements he has successfully implemented best practice programs without compromising organisational operational requirements. He has been a State Manager of Psychological Services for a global leading Employee Assistance Program firm and progressed to Director of National Contact Services, designing and implementing leading edge clinical and professional service programs aimed at improving organisational performance and wellbeing.

As Managing Director of AP Psychology & Consulting Services, Arthur is committed to becoming the market leader in his sector, by developing wellbeing workplace solutions that are leading edge, evidence based, innovative and underpinned by best practice principles.


IMG_4054Shehan Peiris – Principal Consultant

Shehan Peiris is a registered psychologist with extensive knowledge of the Organisational Psychology domain including the development of large-scale psychological interventions in the workplace. Shehan has experience in implementing change management initiatives that involve engaging all staff at varying levels in the organisation. In addition to this, Shehan has worked in the Job Services and Occupational Rehabilitation sector, as a Business Manager and Consultant, providing him with an unequivocal understanding of the psychological constructs behind case management principals in this sector.

Shehan has the unique ability utilise the science of organisational psychology with the practical experience of a variety of work environments to deliver evidence based solutions and high level strategy within complex organisational environments.



Alison Battley – Senior Consultant

Alison is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in the occupational rehabilitation sector, where she has facilitated the return to work of employees with complex mental health conditions as well as other physical injuries and chronic illnesses.

Through her experience managing both compensable and non-compensable injuries, Alison has developed an in-depth understanding of the common precipitating factors for mental health conditions in the workplace. She has a keen interest in strategies which employers can implement at a management and organisational level to minimise the occurrence of mental health conditions as well as creating a supportive work environment where employees are likely to flourish.

Alison is also passionate about early intervention and assisting supervisors and managers to hold effective wellbeing discussions with employees. Alison has delivered a range of training programs to leaders at various organisational levels in this area.




Dr Angela Montgomery – Senior Consultant

Dr Angela Montgomery is a psychologist specialising in employee health, wellbeing, and rehabilitation. Angela is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in addressing factors impacting on employee physical and mental health, including managing chronic pain, and barriers in return to work.

Additional areas of expertise include the facilitation of education and training programs, group-based therapy, and the development of workshop and training resources.

Angela has been integral in the development and evaluation of health promotion initiatives and projects for both broad and targeted populations including being the content expert for e-delivered corporate employee health interventions




Sharon Craig – Senior Consultant

Sharon Craig is a registered psychologist who combines extensive professional experience and ongoing professional training in clinical and organisational psychology.

Sharon has worked in a range of clinical and organisational settings in Australia and overseas providing mental health education, early intervention and clinical services to individuals, groups and organisations. Sharon’s consulting experience has been within government, not for profit and private organisations to create mentally healthy and resilient workplaces and minimise psychological risk.

Sharon has worked in mental health services, occupational rehabilitation, humanitarian services, education, employment sector and remote site services to provide psychology consultation, Manager Assist, EAP, assessment, report writing, crisis intervention and training/facilitation services.





Tom Ruijs – Consultant

Tom Ruijs holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology obtained at University Utrecht in the Netherlands. He has a strong consulting background spanning 10+ years partnering with a broad range of clients in helping solve people & culture as well as strategic business challenges. He has extensive experience in end-to-end service delivery and project management and is an experienced facilitator.

Tom is well versed across the entire employee lifecycle and has a deep subject matter expertise pertaining to the myriad of factors and behaviours that impact on the employee experience. In addition, he has significant experience working in a front-line capacity delivering therapeutic care programs to mental health patients and at-risk youth/young adolescents.

Tom has the ability to apply a truly holistic mindset to his work combining his strategic consulting experience with his intimate understanding of the day-to-day practical challenges and implications faced by managers and front-line employees.



Leonard Puglia – Creative Learning Consultant

Through meticulous planning, design and delivery, Leonard ensures our creative solutions are designed with the audience in mind. Every design detail is carefully considered to deliver an engaging and rewarding experience. Whether it be through eLearning, facilitation, the design of training materials, job aids or reference guides, the audience is always at the centre of the solution. Leonard works closely with our consultants to ensure our services and materials are relevant and fit for purpose for our clients.

Leonard continues to monitor best practice and evolving trends on how to best engage learners. He passionately contributes and collaborates in online forums and communities with a wide network of designers in Australia and abroad about the ever-evolving world of learning.







Stephen Kalpakian – Operations Manager

Stephen is an administration professional with 18 years experience in business office administration. Stephen has worked in the government and private sector with a proven track record of implementing and managing process improvement strategies, day to day office operations, recommendations and solutions in order to streamline processes for internal and external clients.

Stephen has extensive experience in business administration management, gained through his considerable work with the Department of Justice and working with a global EAP provider. He has considerable knowledge in managing the day-to-day office operations and supervising administration teams in order to achieve set goals.

Stephen is also a qualified OHS representative and plays an integral part in implementing OH&S procedures in an operational environment.





Aidyn Bradford – Administration Assistant

Aidyn is an administration assistant and training coordinator. Aidyn has over five year’s experience in customer service, where she has worked closely with internal and external stakeholders in a number of different roles and industries. She has considerable knowledge in assisting with the day-to-day operations of the business.

Aidyn has recently completed her Fourth Year Thesis in Psychology. Aidyn is particularly interested in the intersection between wellbeing and organisational psychology, and aspires to work as an Organisational Psychologist within this domain.

Aidyn takes pride within the workplace, encouraging team effort and achieving operational and client outcomes.






Soo Mak – Administration Assistant 

Soo is an administration assistant with two years of experience in customer service and administration.

Soo provides support in the daily operations of the business,  and has strong skills in data analysis, evaluation and reporting.

A recent graduate in economics and psychology, Soo has completed internships with not for profit and private organisations in the mental health and wellbeing space and has worked on developing a corporate social responsibility strategy, project implementation plans and research reports on mental health.

Soo is passionate about creating positive change in communities and working with individuals to feel empowered and confident in their abilities.



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