Specialist Workplace Coaching

Specialist Workplace Coaching

Supporting managers and HR in dealing with complex and sensitive workplace issues that requires the expertise of a senior specialist consultant. The service is designed to support organisations in proactively managing complex and sensitive workplace issues through a tailored coaching support program.

This service enables the referring manager to set specific outcomes, receive agreed feedback, while giving the employee an avenue to effectively address issues impacting on their work performance and/or capacity to work.

We do this by:

  • Conducting a thorough needs assessment
  • Developing a tailored coaching plan that is goal specific
  • Agreeing on coaching objectives and outcomes with scheduled reviews
  • Anticipating the time frame of the intervention and anticipated number of coaching sessions/hours
  • Reviewing the outcomes upon completion of the service
  • Completion report outlining key objectives met and any further recommendations that may be required.

The service is designed to address behaviours related to:

  • Mental health issues and management e.g. depression, anxiety
  • Inappropriate displays of emotions and behaviours e.g. aggression, emotional arousal
  • Substance use e.g. alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines
  • Return to work e.g. due to mental health issues, grief, psychological injury
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Focused coaching for managers e.g. intervention strategies; identifying and managing conflict

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