AP Case Study 1 – Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Leaders


A leading firm that provides audits, tax, legal and advisory services to help organisations work through risk and operate in challenging business environments. The business operates globally and has a central office here in Australia.


The firm was alerted to a number of key organisational challenges that they believed needed to be addressed:

  • An increase in the number of reported mental health issues within the business.
  • An increase in the number of stress, grievances and compensation claims of staff.
  • Managers finding it difficult to or not knowing what they should and shouldn’t be doing to support their staff when mental health or behaviour issues are disclosed and/or identified.
  • High staff turnover rates in parts of the organisation, resulting in concern that the relationship between managers and staff had deteriorated.
  • A need to equip managers and staff to better understand mental health and how to manage and support individuals and broader teams.

Management believed that if staff were better educated about mental health issues in the workplace, and if senior managers developed confidence and the skill set to support staff impacted by mental health this would help address these challenges.


AP Psychology & Consulting Services developed a tailored program to help address all the challenges:

  • The program commenced with a 1.5hr strategic planning session on building a psychologically healthy workplace. This helped to identify the key issues and assisted in developing a tailored program aimed at addressing the needs of the firm.
  • Roll out of 21 Mental Health Awareness Workshops (1.5hrs in duration) in the workplace for staff, to help employees develop an understanding of mental health and its impacts in the workplace. The workshops were aimed at supporting employees develop confidence and the skill set to approach and support colleagues they were concerned about.
  • Mental Health Awareness Workshops for Managers (12x 2.5 hrs in duration). An interactive workshop to guide managers in developing their skills to support staff who may be experiencing mental health issues and in managing the impacts of these on the business. To develop confidence in the key principles and planning required to intervene and support staff. Early identification and intervention and developing ongoing management strategies for successful outcomes.
  • Three Individual coaching sessions for each manager enrolled in the program were delivered to further develop the managers skills at an individual level.


  • 90% of the leaders of the firm participated in the program.
  • Over 80% of the staff participated in the workshops
  • Significant improvement in participant knowledge and understanding of mental health, and basic skill set to support colleagues they may be concerned about.
  • Increased confidence and skill set for managers to address issues related to mental health in the workplace.
  • Participants felt more confident in addressing mental health issues in the workplace and knowing how to best respond as well as what supports are available to them.
  • Contributed to a reduction in grievances and compensation claims and to better outcomes in managing mental health and its impact on the business.


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