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As with any technology, you may encounter some problems in using the online system from time to time. While the Support team is available, and willing, to answer any questions relating to the system, you may find the information provided in this guide useful in the first instance.

If you would like further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the HealthSteps support team at

  • I have enrolled/registered but have not received any correspondence.

    One reason for why you may not be receiving expected correspondence is that your email address may have been entered incorrectly into the enrolment or registration form. This is unlikely due to the duplicate entry requirement but could happen if, for instance, you did not enter your email address personally, or the first entry was copied and pasted.

    Another likely reason, especially in recent times, is that the emails have been allocated to your Junk/Spam folders rather than your Inbox. Check your Junk/Spam folder regularly, as some email accounts automatically delete spam mail if it is not checked within a certain time frame. Ensure that you enter the Support email address ( as a safe sender in your options/settings.

    If you are still experiencing difficulties with receiving emails, please contact our support team on the email provided below so we can verify your details and resend information if needed.

  • I am unable to login.

    There may be a number of reasons why you are unable to login. Common problems include:

    1. CAPS lock or NUMBER lock functions are active. These functions may result in an incorrect password being entered.
    2. Forgotten password. Activate the “Forgot Password” link located at the bottom of the login session. This will send your login details to your nominated email address.
    3. Incorrect login details have been entered.
    4. You may have come to the end of your module and the account has been disabled.
  • I logged out or got disconnected while answering the monitoring Questionnaires.

    Any data already submitted will automatically be saved in the system. For example, if you have 4 questionnaires due for the week, and you were completing number 3 at the time of disconnection, the first 2 questionnaires will have been saved. Providing that you login to your account within the same week, the third and fourth questionnaire will be presented to you for completion.

  • I cannot access my Progress Report.

    You may not have completed 2 weeks or more of the monitoring questionnaires to enable Health Steps to display a trend with the data collected.

  • My new Session is not appearing when I log into my program.

    Sessions become available at scheduled times depending on the module you are enrolled in. Most of the clinical modules extend over 12 months. Stress Management, however, extends for 6 weeks. Initially you may find that new sessions are available every week. Sessions become less frequent over the year, at times appearing on a fortnightly, monthly or 2 monthly basis. As such, one of the reasons this may occur is that you do not have a scheduled session for the week. HealthSteps modules typically extend for 4 weeks and sessions are available on a weekly basis. Check the Module Schedule for details regarding the timetable for your sessions.

  • I am unable to send an e-consult to my Provider.

    You may have set your personal Privacy settings to prevent your Provider from accessing particular features of your account. One of the features you can alter privacy settings for is Consults. If this feature is not highlighted in blue, then your Provider cannot see this feature. As a result of this, you cannot send your Provider an e-consult. Change your Privacy Settings (click on Privacy in your menu) to allow this access.

  • I am unable to access my clients’ details/reports (Providers Only)

    This may be due to similar reasons as the above query. Your client may have set their personal Privacy Settings to prevent your access to certain features. Discuss the option of changing Personal Settings with your client.

  • Internet: Browser settings

    Your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) provides you with the option of adjusting certain security settings. Some security settings prevent full utilisation of certain material throughout the program. Please note that the consequences of such settings can vary greatly between browsers.

    1. CookiesCookies are responsible for saving certain settings for web sites (eg. saving searches). Disabling Cookies means that this historical information is not collected, and may cause various errors to occur. If you suspect this may be the cause of an error you have encountered, follow these instructions:
      • Internet Explorer
        • Select Tools from browser toolbar
        • Select Internet Options
        • Select Privacy tab
        • Uncheck Turn on Pop-up blocker
        • Select OK
      • Mozilla Firefox
        • Select Tools from browser toolbar
        • Select Options
        • Select Privacy tab
        • Check Accept cookies from sites option
        • Select OK
      • Safari
        • Select Edit from the browser toolbar
        • Select Preferences
        • Select Security tab
        • Check Accept Cookies Only from site you navigate to
        • Close Windows (X).
    2. Pop-up BlockersDisabling pop-ups will most definitely have an effect on the use of your program, as all Sessions and reading material is presented in pop-up windows. To enable pop-ups follow these instructions:
      • Mozilla Firefox
        • Select Tools from browser toolbar
        • Select Options
        • Select Content tab
        • Uncheck Block pop-up windows option
        • Select OK
      • Safari
        • Select Edit from browser toolbar
        • Select Preferences
        • Select Security tab
        • Uncheck Block pop-up windows
        • Close window (X)
    3. Trusted sitesSetting as a trusted site will ensure that you receive all PDF reports that you request to be emailed to your Inbox. If you are not receiving these emails, it is likely that your security settings in Internet Explorer 7 has not included our website as a trusted site. The PDF email feature is mainly available to Providers.
      • Internet Explorer 7
        • Select Tools from the browser toolbar
        • Select Internet Options
        • Selects the Security tab
        • Select Trusted Sites icon
        • Click on the Sites button underneath the icon
        • Uncheck Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone located underneath the Trusted Site window
        • Enter in the text box named Add this website to the zone
        • Click on the Add button
        • Click on Close
        • Click on OK
    4. CacheWhen opening new websites or files, your internet browser saves certain material (perhaps graphics) in a cache. This results in a faster download of the same material at a later date, but does mean that you may not be downloading the most recent version. It is highly unlikely that this setting will ever affect your use of the system.If the problem persists, or you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact the support team on the email provided.Please note that we have provided instructions for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari as our records indicate that approximately 95% of our customers use these operating systems.
  • Internet: Broadband vs. Dial-up

    Although our system will operate for dial-up internet accounts, we highly recommend that broadband accounts are used to access your program. Broadband almost ensures that your internet access will not be interrupted while using the program, making it a much more straightforward process for you.

  • I am getting error messages.

    When you encounter error messages it is important to let the Support team know as soon as possible, even if the problem rectifies itself. We are continually striving to deliver a superior service, and your feedback is important to us. When reporting errors to the Support team, please provide us with as much information as you can. This will facilitate a faster resolution to the problem.


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