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Case Studies

Creating an Industry Roadmap & Wellbeing Strategy

AP Psychology & Consulting Services was appointed as the psychological safety thought leaders, trusted advisors and consulting specialists to design, develop and implement the 3-year Industry Roadmap.

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University Sector Psychological Health & Safety Leadership

Using a blended learning approach 400 leaders and their direct reports completed practical training in workplace psychological health and safety. Taking theory to practice in work teams.

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SMAART Best Practice Report

AP Psychology & Consulting Services helped identify the need to develop a sustainable and affordable solution for building and maintaining team/individual levels of resilience.

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Workplace Mental Health Program for Managers & Employees

AP Psychology & Consulting Services was engaged to deliver training that sets the benchmark for Psychological Safety Globally within Oracle. 

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Creating a Psychologically Healthy & Safe Workplace

AP Psychology & Consulting Services delivered 62 executive and leadership workshops to support DTP to implement the VPS Mental Health Charter.

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Mental Wellbeing & Support Program

The initiative formed an ecosystem of support that fosters a new way of working where self-care and wellbeing are embedded in Ahpra’s culture.

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