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Digital Solutions

Leveraging technology to create psychologically safe, healthy and thriving workplaces.

Our digital solutions provide scale and flexibility to address psychosocial hazards, mental health and wellbeing.

Welcome to our suite of digital programs and tools, meticulously designed to nurture and embed psychological health and safety practices in the workplace. We offer a wide range of tools and resources tailored to monitor psychosocial risks, up-skill leaders, empower teams, and foster a healthy, safe and thriving work environment

TM Thrive has been a valuable platform for our managers and leaders to develop their knowledge and skills to lead with psychological health and safety at the forefront. The interactive modules aligned to the regulations help us meet our obligations.

Victoria University Leader
Psychological health and safety training

The TM Thrive program contributes to increasing leadership commitment in improving workplace culture through enhancing their capability and confidence to protect the mental health of their employees through access to training, tools and resources.

Swinburne University Leader
Psychological Health and Safety Training Platform

TM Thrive Platform & app

Our flagship offering, TM Thrive, is an innovative platform designed to build capability in the realm of workplace psychological health and safety leadership. This easy-to-use platform and app provide interactive training, practical resources, and mental health support for leaders and teams. Discover the power of TM Thrive, and create a resilient and productive work culture.

Custom e-Learns, Videos & Tip Sheets

Custom e-Learning Solutions: Our tailored e-learning solutions are built to address your unique needs. We develop bespoke modules on a variety of topics, including mental health awareness, vicarious trauma, leadership mental health, psychological health and safety, and strategies for handling violence and aggression.

These custom courses offer valuable insights and practical tools, ensuring your team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern work environment.

Tip sheets & Videos: Gain access to a comprehensive library of tip sheets and video content covering an extensive range of mental health and psychological health and safety topics. Stay informed and empowered with these easily accessible and digestible resources, carefully curated by experts in the field.