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Strategic Consulting

Unlock the Power of Evidence-Based Workplace Psychological Health & Safety

Understanding the impact of workplace psychological health & safety in your organisation is vital to promoting a positive, productive environment.

Our strategic consulting services use a best practice approach to identifying psychological health & safety risks in the workplace. We utilise an evidence-based framework to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their maturity in relation to psychological health and safety and how they align with current legislative requirements on psychosocial risk management.

Adopting AP Psychology’s systemic approach and framework, we were able to identify the key psychosocial hazards across the groups, controls measures in place and develop action plans for areas of improvement.

Mike TownsendDepartment of Transport & Planning

Our expert team of organisational psychologists work in partnership with our clients to understand their needs.

Arthur PapagiannisCEO - AP Psychology & Consulting Services
Strategic Consulting Solutions

Our Evidence-Based Solutions

Our proprietary psychosocial risk assessment is the cornerstone of our service. Aligned with ISO45003 and Australian legislation, this powerful tool provides an in-depth workplace risk profile, allowing you to swiftly identify factors positively or negatively affecting workplace psychological health and safety. 

We offer a Systemic Desktop Review of your organisation-wide strategies, policies, and procedures to provide a comprehensive picture. With a focus on systemic influences, we unearth your maturity and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Our Approach

Our approach is comprehensive: we directly engage with your employees to understand their experiences and validate psychosocial risk assessment and systemic desktop review findings. This integral blend of people and workplace data fosters authentic insights and sets the foundation for tiered action planning. 

Finally, we collaborate with you to develop a tangible action plan tailored to your organisation’s needs. We aim to guide you in nurturing maturity in workplace psychological health and safety, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.