Mental Health Week 5-11 Oct, Day 4 – Time Management – Mental Health Issues

Time Management

Another practice that can help you to relieve stress and manage your mental health is time management. Planning and organising your time can make a big difference to your ability to cope with the set of activities you need to complete. In particular, this can help you to prepare for the times when you will need to respond to important tasks that require immediate action.

To help manage your time effectively, you need to:

  • Schedule your time properly if you have a lot of tasks to complete, starting by making a list. This can help to relieve the feeling of being overloaded.
  • Prioritise tasks into urgent versus important, and spending time on the tasks of higher importance before those that are urgent but less important. People often attend to urgent requests and then feel overwhelmed when they need to complete important tasks at the last minute.
  • Group tasks into easy versus difficult. This means not just spending time on the easy tasks, but prioritising so that you allow time for problem solving or important activities that take longer to resolve.
  • Delegate tasks and don’t try to do everything yourself.

For example, take a moment to consider all the items on your To Do list. This can include a list of work and personal tasks that you need to complete.

Try using the following model to prioritise each item. You will see that the ideal outcome is for all tasks to be in the Non-Urgent section so that you are not completing tasks under pressure.


       Non-Important     Important




Often spend too much time here


Try to complete before they become       urgent


Non- Urgent



Question how much time is spent here


Prioritise here


Given the benefits of relaxation to your mental health, it is critical that you also prioritise time for activities that are relaxing to improve your wellbeing.

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