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Psychosocial and Mental Health Training for Workplaces

AP Psychology & Consulting Services provides sustainable and evidence-based solutions to enhance workplace psychological health and safety. Our team of experts have created a range of workshops that guide leaders on effectively leading their teams and managing psychological risk within a workplace based on the global ISO 45003 guidelines and work health safety legislation.

Our approach at AP Psychology & Consulting Services is to ensure participants come away with valuable and practical skills and tools to help them successfully embed best practices into their organisations and improve wider company culture.

Outside of our full day or half day program, the team at AP Psychology & Consulting Services is able to offer a series of specialised workshops, created to provide practical solutions to specific issues we see crop up in organisations again and again. These training solutions cover everything from better managing challenging interactions, leading and navigating change in the workplace, supporting employees experiencing vicarious trauma and building better mental health awareness. There is even an option to develop custom training solutions tailored to your workforce.

Mental Health for Leaders Training

Why do workplaces need psychological health and safety training?

As industry leaders, the AP Psychology & Consulting team has worked with hundreds of organisations to improve working environments. In our work across various industries, our team has found that many workplaces struggle to know how to best support their people when it comes to psychological health and safety. We can guide you in this process. Our aim is to support organisations to elevate leadership capabilities and improve cultures and the ecosystem of support through creating comprehensive plans to improve workplace wellbeing.

Psychological health and safety training solutions for leaders and employees

The mental health training solutions we offer at AP Psychology & Consulting focus on empowering leaders at a strategic level. We want to support organisations to better address workplace psychosocial risks. 

Our workshop solutions include:

We also develop and deliver customised training solutions to meet your unique business needs, such as our Executive Sessions. We developed this workshop for senior executives to help build their confidence to truly lead in the area of psychological health and safety.  

All of our training programs have been developed by our professional team, with expertise in organisational psychology, workplace mental health and learning design. We facilitate a client-centric approach to delivery to ensure customisation to the unique context of your organisation and relevant, impactful learning outcomes. Our programs are built for sustainability, and so are designed to maximise successful embedding. They are available in-person or online.

Why do workplaces need psychological health and safety training?

With interactive workshops and effective training solutions, our expert team is dedicated to managing psychosocial risks and hazards, ensuring a safer working environment for all employees. Every action we take is grounded in authentic data and best practices, offering solutions that enhance employee wellbeing and unleash their true potential.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with you and devise a concrete action plan tailored precisely to your organisation’s unique requirements. Get in touch with us today, and allow us to lead you in fostering a culture of psychological health and safety in the workplace, creating an environment where every individual can flourish.

Contact AP Psychology & Consulting today to unlock your potential

Through experiential workshops and training solutions, the AP Psychology & Consulting expert team is here to help effectively manage psychosocial risks, creating a safer working environment for all employees. Everything our highly experienced team does is based on genuine data and best practices, delivering solutions that focus on improving employee psychological health, safety and wellbeing and unlocking potential.

We aim to work with you to develop a tangible action plan tailored to your organisation’s needs. Contact us today, and let us guide you in developing maturity in workplace psychological health and safety, creating a workplace environment where everyone can thrive.

FAQs: Mental Health Training for Workplaces

All of our training programs are delivered via workshops. Depending on the requirements of your particular training program, this could be in-person or online.

What is involved in the training?

This can change from workshop to workshop. In general, mental health training workshops will involve any of the following:

  • discovering solutions to maximise psychological health and safety in the workplace, delivered by one of our highly experienced facilitator and underpinned by evidence-based best practice
  • peer-to-peer interaction between workshop participants to expand on scenarios and ideas discussed
  • pre- or post-workshop activities, such as e-learning modules or even take-home workbooks
  • follow up coaching sessions

How long do the training courses take?

How long a mental health training workshop will vary from workshop to workshop. Our core workshops at AP Psychology & Consulting will usually be conducted over a half-day or full day. We also offer different mental health training workshops or bespoke training that can run between 90 minutes to two hours.

How do I access the training?

All mental health training workshop materials will be supplied in advance or on the day. The training can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

How many people can participate in the training sessions?

All our flagship mental health training workshops usually comprise around 20 participants or specific teams within your organisation. We also have the ability to scale up and create workshops that cater to all staff. Don’t hesitate to contact the AP Psychology & Consulting team for more information about large-scale workshops.

What kind of content is covered in the training?

Our mental health training workshop solutions cover a wide range of topics, all aimed at providing you with the tools to enhance psychological health and safety in the workplace. You’ll learn about creating psychologically safe workplaces, how to manage challenging interactions, and how to look after employee psychological health and wellbeing, amongst others.